Fire safety for the office

Are your machines on 24/7? In an office environment, using a powder or foam extinguisher would be devastating.

The cleanup would be costly, take time and all sensitive electronic equipment (computers, printers, servers etc) would all be completely destroyed by powder and foam. With MAUS’ cleaning-free fire extinguishers, you can stop the fire early without the risk of expensive cleaning of valuable work tools and premises!

Our decontamination-free fire extinguishers MAUS Xtin Klein and the 3x more powerful MAUS Xtin Grand can easily stop a fire in your office without having to decontamination or stopping productivity. For spaces that are in constant operation, such as server cabinets, we have our automatic fire protection MAUS Stixx Pro, which extinguishes without the risk of destroying storage media or other sensitive electronics. Powder fire extinguishers must be regularly tested and maintained to maintain performance when needed.

Frequently asked questions about fire safety in the office

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MAUS Dekke Mobil Fire Blanket

We have the only smart fire blanket on the market. Equipped with smart pockets that protect your hands so you don’t have to expose yourself to severe burns when putting the fire blanket over the fire. The size of the fire blanket is 1,2 x 1,8m and can be used on a burning person and also as protection if you have to walk through the fire. Designed for even more safety.

MAUS Xtin Grand

Every second counts when it’s on fire! Triple the power of MAUS Xtin Klein with MAUS Xtin Grand! Thanks to the patented technology, the PGA fire extinguisher MAUS Xtin Grand is a revolution in fire fighting. The fire extinguisher developed in Sweden leaves no residue, is maintenance-free and has a 5-year warranty.

MAUS Rauch Fire Alarm

The optical WiFI smoke detector warns you with an alarm signal of 85 dB, a flashing light and with a notification on your smartphone. If you are on holiday, you will still find out if there has been a fire in your home via your smartphone. It is also possible to share your account with a neighbor or family member so that, for example, the nearest neighbor can act quickly and reduce the spread of fire. MAUS Rauch cannot be connected in series because it only creates more confusion, which is important to avoid in an emergency. The latest generation of fire alarms are smart. 

MAUS Xtin Klein

The smallest and most versatile fire extinguisher MAUS Xtin Klein is a revolution in fire fighting due to the patented and environmentally friendly potassium mix that comes out as a white smoke and encapsulates the burning particles and interrupts the fire. The small red fire extinguisher was developed in Sweden and saves time and money because it leaves no extinguishing residue behind. Innovation award winner with 5-year warranty and 6-year durability (from production date).

MAUS Stixx Pro

The award-winning innovation MAUS Stixx Pro is installed in all smaller spaces where a fire could occur. It triggers automatically at 180°C and fills the space with a potassium-based smoke that absorbs the heat of the fire and extinguishes it. It is smaller than an ordinary marking pen, it fits everywhere and acts as a preventive fire protection. There are many reasons for a fire in an electrical plant. Bad cables, broken components, too tight or too loose connections, lightning strikes, old wiring, overloading, etc. are all potential hazards associated with life-threatening conditions. Install MAUS Stixx PRO now for a good night’s sleep.

Fire safety for all environments

Cleaning up powder from a powder extinguisher is next to impossible. The powder causes rust in motors and if it ends up on an electrical cable, it can cause another fire a year later. Anything that gets in the way of powder will be destroyed. Instead, use our smart and sanitation-free technology first. Read more about how you can implement our concept in your environment for a safer everyday life.

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