MAUS Nozzle Klein


The MAUS Nozzle Klein extends your MAUS Xtin Klein and makes it easy to reach into spaces where you don’t want or have the opportunity to open. With the help of the adapter nozzle, you can reach the fire even through the smallest openings to extinguish fires in, for example, the car, boat or other vehicles. Perfect for a Fire Port on a boat. A MAUS Nozzle Klein can be the decisive factor for effective firefighting.


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Length9.72 in
Diameter2.16 in
Weight0.20 lbs
MaterialPlastic & Metal


  • Place the adapter nozzle on the upper part of the MAUS Xtin Klein
  • Detach the safety ring from the lower part of the MAUS Xtin Klein.
  • Move the nozzle to the desired opening.
  • Hold the device firmly and press the yellow start button (PRESS START) once to activate the device.
  • Empty the entire contents of the MAUS Xtin Klein.
  • Make sure the room remains completely closed.

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