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The smallest and most versatile fire extinguisher MAUS Xtin Klein is a revolution in fire fighting due to the patented space technology. The hand-held fire extinguisher is developed in Sweden and saves time and money thanks to the 5-year maintenance-free guarantee. MAUS Xtin Klein uses an innovative active Formula based on potassium to effectively extinguish the fire while leaving no extinguishing residue which sometimes does more damage than the fire itself.


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Fire Classes

MAUS Fire Suppressor is certified for fire classes B and C but can also fight Class A and F fires in the initial stage. Thanks to the new fire protection technology, this fire suppressor is also suitable for small electrical fires and lithium battery fires. The fire extinguisher does not destroy electrical appliances with the extinguishing agent.

The technology behind MAUS Xtin Klein

Firefighting technology developed for space travel

The harmless, non-toxic aerosol smoke encapsulates the combustible particles and prevents re-ignition and extinguishes the fire. MAUS fire suppressor do not require annual maintenance because they are not pressurized. The optimal fire protection for your safety.


Height9.52 in
Width2.04 in
Weight.99 lbs
Fire Power8BC
Extinguishing MediaPatented potassium smoke
Fire TypesA* – Wood, paper and plastic
B – Liquid fuels
C – Gas fuels
F – Edible oil and fat
For small electrical fires
*  not for use on embers and burning metals
Temperature range-18°F – +118°F
Discharge time9 seconds
Distance3 meters
Life span5 years from date of manufacture
CertificationsSvebra, Kemi, Rina, CE, BAM


  • Pull out the manual safety pin from the bottom of the unit.
  • Take a starting position one meter away and aim the device at the base of the fire
  • Press the yellow start button once to activate the device. 
  • Hold the fire extinguisher firmly and refrain from sweeping movements. Approach the fire as it loses strength to extinguish it completely. It is important that all smoke (aerosol) lands on the fire.


We know that there are a lot of different models of fire extinguishers out there, so below we have compiled why you should choose the MAUS Fire Suppressor.


MAUS Fire Suppressor (potassium technology)

2kg Powder

(carbon dioxide)

2kg Powder (powder)

6 Liter Cooking Extinguisher

(barrel seal)
Liquid fuel (petrol, oil, etc.)ynyn
Gas fires (gas, ammonia, etc.)ynyn
Electrical fires (TV, electrical panel, etc.)yyyn
Fat burners & cooking oilynny
Does not damage computersyynn
Fits in the glove compartmentynnn
Ergonomic designynnn
Holster as an optionynnn
CE certifiedyyyy
Secondary fire protection*ynnn
Low weightynnn
Extinguishing time (in seconds)9 s9 s11 s30 s
Weight0,5 kg5,6 kg3,6 kg12,1 kg
Height242 mm500 mm350 mm530 mm
Diameter53 mm111 mm110 mm160 mm

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