MAUS Holster Klein


MAUS “Small” holster has been developed especially for electricians, builders, security forces, police and military in Sweden to have a fire extinguisher with them in case of fire. The MAUS Holster is suitable for all mobile activities. In the security service, on the construction site or with the work group. Where a fire can be expected, the fire extinguisher on the vest or in the belt is essential to be able to react immediately. The “small” holster is also often used by classic car fans for an aesthetic mounting on the collector’s item.


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Length9.84 in
Diameter2.75 in
Weight0.19 lbs
MaterialNylon Oxford


  • Remove the MAUS Xtin Klein from the belt holder.
  • Detach the backup from the lower part of the MAUS Xtin Klein.
  • Hold the fire extinguisher and press the yellow start button (PRESS START) once to activate the unit.
  • Empty the entire contents of the MAUS Xtin Klein above the fire.

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