MAUS Rauch Fire Alarm


The photoelectric WiFI smoke detector alerts you with an 85 dB alarm signal, a flashing light and a push notification on your smartphone so you can recognize danger early on the go. Connectable for even more security for your home. The latest generation of preventive fire protection.

The smart thing about this is that you have control over the smoke detector wherever you are. Whether it’s on your boat, in the basement or in the caravan, you have permanent control over the many smoke detectors via a simple app. Go the smart way with us. Thanks to the new technology, you can even place the smoke detector in the bathroom and above the dining room.


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Certified security

MAUS® products meet all relevant and necessary safety standards.
CE EN 14604:2005/AC:2008

How to mount the smart smoke detector

  • Download the Smart Home app and follow the user manual.
  • Insert both batteries into the MAUS smoke detector.
  • Attach the battery cover and check that it is secure.
  • Put the cap on and turn it counterclockwise.
  • If possible, place smoke detectors in the middle of the room with a minimum distance of 20 inches from other objects.
  • Attach with supplied screws or tape.
  • Test smoke detectors with the button if it works.

Correct placement is important

The most important thing is the correct placement in the individual rooms where a fire can occur. Whether it’s in the bedroom, at school or in the hallway, think carefully about where to install the smoke detector. In addition, with the intelligent Wi-Fi compatibility, you can connect the smoke detectors on the boat, in the basement or the caravan so that you are always in control.

In which rooms do I install a smoke alarm?

The standard states that all bedrooms and children’s rooms, as well as corridors that serve as an escape route, must be equipped. We generally recommend optimal equipment, i.e. the equipment in all rooms.

Every fire alarm needs a check

Maus Fire Protection recommends the following steps every twelve months to ensure full functionality:

  • Test the smoke detector via the test button to see if it gives an acoustic signal. If the fire alarm does not beep after a few seconds, a fault may have occurred.
  • We recommend that you do an annual visual inspection. Check the smoke detector for dirt and damage. Dirt particles or insects can affect the sensors, which can lead to malfunctions. 
  • Check battery life in the app.
  • Register your product and we will remind you about the periodic maintenance.


Depth1.5 in
Diameter5 in
Weight.02 lbs
MaterialPlastic & Metal

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