MAUS Fire Blanket (Mobile)


MAUS Fire Blanket Dekke Mobile version is a quality fire blanket that meets the requirements and helps you extinguish the fire safely. Thanks to our unique integrated hand protection in the fire blanket, you reduce the risk of burning your hands during use. The fire blanket is made of fiberglass and has a size of 5.4 ft x 3.6. The proven fire blanket is ideal for use on the go. Small, light and compact.


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About MAUS fire blanket Dekke mobile

  • Protect people with 5.4 ft x 3.6 ft fire blanket in an emergency.
  • Certified in EU according to standard: SS EN-1869:1997.
  • Ready for immediate use thanks to Fast Pull.
  • Fire protection with aesthetics and simple style.
  • Mounting on the wall possible.
  • Smother the fire by cutting off the oxygen.
  • Protection against flames and burns.
  • High safety standard – Developed in Sweden.


  • Pull the MAUS extinguishing blanket “Dekke Mobil” on the Fast Pull lines and spread out to protect the head and upper body.
  • Insert your hands into the yellow openings and with outstretched arms walk towards the fire source.
  • Quickly place extinguishing filters over the fire.
  • Make sure it is airtight around.
  • Do not remove the fire blanket from the fire source.
  • Leave covered and alert the fire brigade, as a re-ignition of the fire by an oxygen supply can never be ruled out.

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