MAUS Stixx Pro


With the MAUS Stixx Pro, automatic fire protection is installed in the simplest way and can protect you and fellow humans from fires in enclosed spaces, as well as protect property from devastating damage. MAUS Stixx Pro is the simple fire protection in all small, closed enclosures such as electrical distribution boxes, battery compartments, 


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The technology behind the MAUS Stixx Pro

Firefighting technology developed for space travel

The solid consists mainly of a form of potassium compound. Potassium radicals are very active and interrupt the chemical combustion reactions by neutralizing hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxide radicals in the flame. As aerosols consist of precisely very small particles in a gas, the result is a more effective extinguishing agent than conventional powder. The falling speed of the particles decreases with a smaller diameter as the surface becomes large in relation to the mass, which means that air resistance becomes relatively large in relation to the force of gravity. This results in the particles remaining suspended for a longer time and thus contributes to a longer inerting time. In this way, you get better protection against re-ignition. The extinguishing effect per unit of weight is in the range 3-10 times more effective than Halon and CO2.

Detailed features

Height0.39 in
Width0.70 in
Weight0.07 lbs
Length3.85 in
Extinguishing agentPatented potassium smoke
Coverage (enclosed space)0.1m³ (e.g. 40in high, 20in wide and 8in deep)
Installation temperature range-22°F, + 158°C
Activating temperature356°F
Life span5 years
CertificatesCE, BAM

How to install mouse stixx pro

  • Turn off power to any unit or enclosure you will be protecting
  • Find an optimal place, the MAUS Stixx Pro should always be placed on a clean flat surface at the top of the enclosed area. In addition, a distance of .75 in to 1.2 in between the Stixx Pro and any object is required.
  • Clean the surface where the MAUS Stixx Pro is attached if necessary.
  • Remove the red adhesive protective film from the MAUS Stixx Pro and place the Stixx Pro in the desired location with gentle pressure.
  • Write down the expiry date on the included sticker so you always know how long you are protected.
  • Close the enclosure and turn the power back on as necessary.

Frequently asked questions about MAUS Stixx Pro

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