MAUS Wall Mount


The smallest and most versatile fire extinguisher MAUS Xtin Klein is a revolution in fire fighting due to the patented space technology. The hand-held fire extinguisher is developed in Sweden and saves time and money thanks to the 5-year maintenance-free guarantee. MAUS Xtin Klein uses an innovative active Formula based on potassium to effectively extinguish the fire while leaving no extinguishing residue which sometimes does more damage than the fire itself.



Instruction of the MAUS wall mount for Klein

  • Open box and remove products.
  • Pull the “PULL” tab to remove the clear plastic cover, then remove the white form fit piece from the clear back bracket.
  • Install two screws through the back bracket where you want to hang the unit on the wall, ideally into a wall stud if possible.
  • Insert the white form fit piece back into the clear back bracket and ensure it is flush with the surface so the cover will fit back on.
  • Place Klein extinguisher onto the back bracket and replace the clear plastic cover.


Height11.2 in
Width3 in
Vikt.002 lbs
Included in packaging
Instructions for use and two wall screws

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