We have been setting a new standard since 2013.

The fire protection technology of the future is here. With devices so small and so efficient, we have changed the way we look at fire protection. Previously, it was clumsy, pressurized systems that would put out the fire. Extensive checks were required and there was a lot that could go wrong. Our technology does not require extensive maintenance or annual checks. You can easily attach the units to power stations with self-adhesive tape or place our effective fire extinguishers in the glove compartment for quick intervention in, for example, a car environment. The technology we use means big savings in time and money should a fire start in your home, car, boat or workplace. Do not destroy with powder or foam unnecessarily. Remember to always use MAUS first. MAUS Xtin Klein won the Innovation Award at Secours Expo 2021 in France. MAUS Stixx PRO was “Best Electrical News” at the Elmässan in Stockholm 2021. Certified by RINA, BAM and CE-marked.

Behind the Name MAUS

Johann Philipp Maus was a German pioneer and local fireman who in the mid-1800s developed many techniques to save lives. It is Johann’s name and heritage that gave us our name. Just like Johann, we want to save more lives with the help of innovation.

Our Mission

Your safety is our mission. With our innovation, we actively contribute to your safety. A fire doubles every 15 seconds so time is of the essence. But with fire protection from MAUS, you always have fire protection readily available. Our fire protection is environmentally friendly and not harmful to either people or the environment. 

Our innovation

MAUS doesn’t just improve existing fire protection products – MAUS reinvents fire protection. The patented PGA extinguishing technology of the handheld fire extinguisher sets new standards in firefighting. MAUS has the products needed to provide you with fire protection that is affordable and easy to use. 

Our Future

MAUS is constantly developing its products to be the perfect supplier of fire protection for even more areas. The products are available worldwide. We at MAUS work for the continued development of the global dealer network. The team is designed and developed in Sweden and we work daily with new sophisticated and aesthetic solutions for your protection in everyday life.

The MAUS™ Team

Andreas C. Norlin

CEO / Founder

Jonas Sundquist

Key Account Manager North

Roni Sandgren

Office & Warehouse Manager

Henrik Gorthon

Key Account Manager South

Gabriella Gorthon

International Sales

Caroline Danielsson


Christian Schönefeld


Linn Holmgren

Finance / HR

Johan Alsjö

Key Account Manager East

Love Melander


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